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Flux | Mass Effect Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia Flux has a bar and dance floor on the ground level, with a casino on the mezzanine. ... Citadel: Signal Tracking ‒ One of the quasar machines in the casino is ... Quasar | Mass Effect Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia Quasar is a game that can be played in the casino at Flux and the Silver ... Quasar is one of the few games where the casino actually makes a loss if played correctly. ... As stated by the quarian Golo in Mass Effect: Ascension, Quasar machines ... Mass Effect: Flux - YouTube

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Flux | Mass Effect Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia ... casino at Flux and the Silver Coast Casino on gambling elements Citadel. ... There are two types of Quasar machines: Quasar is one of the few games where the effect actually makes a ... Citadel Assignments - Mass Effect Guide - Super Cheats You can end this assignment quickly by first speaking to Doran—who can be found in the northwest corner of the Flux Casino—and then selecting the 'Give him ... Mass Effect Walkthrough Side Quest Citadel After Council Meeting

Grab the Flux Dance music, or if you really need it, there's an extended video loop. Film yourself or your friends doing the Flux dance in the locale of your choosing (home, the mall, workE-mail the link to the video to and we'll link to the best on the Mass Effect Community page.

Use and Measurement of Mass Flux and Mass Discharge (MASSFLUX-1) EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Most decisions regarding contaminated groundwater sites are driven by contaminant concentrations. These decisions can be improved by also considering contaminant mass discharge and mass flux. Mass discharge and flux estimates quantify source or plume strength at What are the specific save import bonuses for Mass Effect 3 ...

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economic market study - Washington State Gambling Commission Sep 28, 2016 ... Of Washington's 39 counties, 26 have at least one casino or cardroom, ... The most significant impact of Indian gaming in Washington is .... mass of attractions. ...... As illustrated in this flux analysis, we believe it is reasonable to ... Mass Effect Fridge Brilliance General / Fridge - TV Tropes Go look at the map of the Citadel Council Chambers ◊ in Mass Effect 1. ..... Flux? Yeah, pretty cool name, but take in to consideration what it means: the music we can ... in the ears- not to mention the influx of money you can get from the casino!